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I have to make people aware that this is the kind of person I am, and I can only be on the defensive if I know that they know. His sister headed the procession, carrying a photo of her late brother. The funeral was private, for friends and family only, but hundreds of people lined up to see the coffin leave the hospital. A statement from SM Entertainment read in part according to Rolling Stone , "The deep sorrow cannot be compared to ones of his family who had to let go of their loving son and brother but the employees and artists of SM Entertainment, also in deep shock and sorrow, are offering condolences.

Jonghyun was the best artist who loved music more than anyone and always worked hard for his performance. We ask you to refrain from making rumors or assumptions based on reports in respect of his family who are in deep sorrow from the sudden news. As his family wished, his funeral will be carried out in the quietest manner with his family members and co-workers.

But Jonghyun's death was hardly the first time the punishing pace of the K-pop machine had come under fire. In addition to being expected to tour and crank out albums, sometimes in multiple languages SHINee had also recorded in Japanese , the artists often appear on a never-ending stream of competition TV series in addition to doing talk shows, photo shoots and public appearances to keep the fans both sated and hungry for more.

And then there's the appearance factor. Moreover, the litany of groups also tend to be carefully managed, meticulously packaged pop confections, with a management company pulling the strings behind the scenes. Those who hope to make it big are expected to dedicate their lives to that goal, and that's basically what signing a contract entails.

On Feb. She was only 22 years old. AKB48's manager said Minegishi, an original member of the group when it formed in , had been demoted to trainee status. Her fans, more appalled by the self-flagellation than anything else, rallied around her, insisting she not be punished for just wanting to live her life. The K-pop scene doesn't sound quite so rigid these days, with managers and producers perhaps not wanting to alienate coveted Western audiences with oppressive behavioral strictures, but it still demands a level of old-fashioned poise and accommodation from its artists.

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In June , T. I'll regret this for tens of thousands of years. I will do my best to make a fresh start and not to make such a mistake again with what I've learned from this lesson,". We apologize once more for bringing this sudden news to fans and ask that you continue to show Oh My Girl unchanging love and interest. Cha Eunwoo Happy birthday to our sweet and sparkling fluff. We and our partners use cookies on this site to improve our service, perform analytics, personalize advertising, measure advertising performance, and remember website preferences.

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180+ Common French Words (Nouns, Pronouns, Adjectives, & More)!

All rights reserved. Please try again. By subscribing to our newsletter you agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. Thank you for subscribing. Is Everywhere This content is available customized for our international audience. No, Thanks. A particle de should not be alphabetized in name lists, whereas a particule du should be because it results from the contraction of an article. The name de Gaulle , for example, is not a traditional French name with a particule , but a Flemish Dutch name that evolved from a form of De Walle meaning "the wall".

A popular misconception is that the particule De- included in the name always indicates membership of the nobility , that is to say, an original separated de that was linked to the name during the French revolution as De-. That is sometimes true. However, many non-noble people also have particules in their names, simply because they indicate some geographic origin or property. An example from current political life is Dominique de Villepin.

Adding a particule was one way for people of non-noble origins to pretend they were nobles.

Comment prononcer les prénoms masculins en français

In the 19th century wealthy commoners buying nobility titles were derisively called Monsieur de Puispeu , a pun on depuis peu meaning "since recently". Similarly, during the French Revolution , when being associated with the nobility was out of favor and even risky, some people dropped the de from their name, or omitted the mention of their feudal titles see image. In some cases, names with particules are made of a normal family name and the name of an estate or even of several estates.

As in these examples, most people with such long family names shorten their name for common use, by keeping only the first estate name such as Viscount Philippe Le Jolis de Villiers de Saintignon, assuming in everyday life the name of Philippe de Villiers or, in some cases, only the family name.

Whether the family name or the estate name is used for the shortened form depends on a variety of factors: how people feel bearing a particule people may for instance dislike the connotations of nobility that the particule entails; on the other hand, they may enjoy the impression of nobility , tradition, etc.

On the contrary, he is often simply referred to in the press as "Giscard". Traditionally, the particule de is omitted when citing the name of a person without a preceding given name, title baron , duc etc. Similarly, Philippe de Villiers talks about the votes he receives as le vote Villiers.

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  • However, this usage is now losing ground to a more egalitarian treatment of surnames; it is, for instance, commonplace to hear people talking of de Villiers. Note that American English language medial capital spellings such as DeVilliers are never used in France. Contrary to popular belief, and also contrary to the practice of some other countries, French women do not legally change names when they marry.

    However, it is customary that they take their husband's name as a "usage name". However, if they do, they may retain the use of this name, depending on circumstances, even after a divorce. In some cases, the wife, or both spouses, choose to adopt a double-barreled, hyphenated surname made from joining the surnames of both partners. Thus, both partners' surnames coexist with whatever usage name they choose.

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    Le pousse-pousse. Arles, Philippe Picquier. Traduction de Lu Fujun et Christine Mel. Paris, Le Livre de Poche. Rides sur les eaux dormantes. Traduction de Wan Chunyee. Lu Xun.

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    Traduction de M. Paris, Le Livre de poche. Nouvelles choisies. Ba Jin. Traduction de E. Paris, Flammarion. Traduction de Li Tche-houa et J. Qian Zhongshu.