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Like the love child of Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix, LG is an unstoppable force who steals the show while spitting tales of lust and romance. That pretty much sums them up. Beyond brilliant live show.

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LG: I live in Alabama. I mean better for people who like three-hundred-dollar custom jeans and stuff, ya know?

A day at the Sleazy Weasel Range

Artists get pushed out once wealthy investors realize the area is cool. LG: I moved to the country so I would still be close to Nashville. A lot of people are moving to L. PKM: Your show was so good in Brooklyn and one reason is because we were all just so excited to see a really good band. We are starved for good music. There are a few local fun bands, but usually we have to import them in. The market is so over-saturated with crappy, copycat bands that when we roll through we just blow heads off because we are a real band, ya know?

LG : Thelma and the Sleaze started in, I believe, Our first show was November and then we went through many line-up changes. We started getting more exposure and tour. Before that, we were weekend warriors. It was like a hobby. That was five years ago.

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PKM: Your drummer is great. Someone told me that the band is really only two of you and then the other two are just guest stars. LG: Well, the drummer from five years ago is in the band Boytoy now. I would say the band right now is Snowflake, myself, and Coochie, the organ player. I got more into blues, so the first record and a lot of the second record are more blue sand heavy sludge. As an artist, you have to be aware of what people want to hear but at the same time, you cannot compromise.

Sometimes it comes out really heavy and sometimes it comes out really sensitive, it just depends. Lemmy from Motorhead wanted to sound like the Beatles. Ya know what I mean? Iggy Pop has made so many strides and changes as an artist. There are only so many variations on a theme.

Are you gonna do T. Rex better than T. PKM: Those faker bands dress up so much. What I like about you guys is that you wear two-dollar shorts from the gas station and a bikini top. You get what you pay for. The whole business is really fucked. Shooting the Sleaze is a comic thriller that tingles the spine while tickling the funny-bone.

It sets official state agencies at loggerheads with private sector counter-intelligence, each employing its own little band of killers. These frequently fall over each others feet. Meanwhile, someone is killing off reporters of the nations leading tabloid.


Gantz & Co. Bet On Sleaze Factor to Make Them The Four Horsemen of Netanyahu’s Apocalypse

In addition, the countrys most savage uncaught serial killer, Jack the Stripper, is coming out of retirement with a bayonet and a license to kill. These join a glamorous columnist, a corrupt detective, a porn-loving Prime Minister, a former CIA hitman and many of the great and the good in a mad dance of comic violence that ends in a great bang and quite a bit of whimpering. Chapter I'll just refresh Mr. Bill Clinton didn't get that nickname from the way he combed his hair.

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And lest we forget the incident at Chappaquiddick — Teddy boy's claim to fame. So don't lecture us about the "sleaze" in the GOP, Mr. There is plenty of sleaze to go around.

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So once again the sage of Conroe has missed the point of my last letter and chooses to call me vile and ignorant with no shame. Hmm, just like a liberal to attack the person rather than the issues facing our nation. The point if you can handle it, sir, is that, and I quote from my last letter: "gone are the days when we look for the good in people and judge them by facts rather than accusation and innuendo.

While I did not care for the previous president as a leader, I still respected the office. Never-the-less, I am still smarting from when he said, "You can keep your plan and doctor if you want to. That mentality doesn't get people or countries anywhere but on the losing side of things. And while we are playing one-ups-man-ship, I have been on this planet three score and plus years and remember when civics was a required class in high school, so don't preach to me about the privileges we give of our elected president and Congress.

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The ones who need to know and respect these things are far younger than we are. Sadly, many don't seem to have a clue as anarchy, socialism and entitlements seem to be the direction of favor everywhere, but flyover country. I suggest that you reread my letter as there are other positive points about making America Great again.