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A hole was drilled through the top of the legs for the pin to fit through and threaded into the bracket and the pin superglued in nice and tight. Another pin is placed further back and slightly higher up on the bracket which acts as a stop for the top of the legs to hit when fully extended at 90deg to the broom. This also allows for the broom to stand up on its own! The Nimbus has three golden bands which "hold" the bristles to the broomstick. To my scale, the first band is 20mm wide which is wrapped over the aluminium band, hiding it then a 15mm gap, the second band is 15mm wide then a 10mm gap, and finally a 10mm band.

The bands are actually braided wire wrapped tightly and evenly around the broom. Something like stripped bicycle brake cable would be ideal, but I didn't have any so I used cotton twine instead. Superglue the "wire" to the bristles and then to itself as well. Cut the "wire" to a long taper at the end and glue it down for a smoother finish. I dowsed the bands in superglue for extra solidity. The Nimbus has a lovely name stamp on the head of the broom which can be achieved by printing off the logo in the middle of a piece of paper sized according to your broom.

My logo was 30x60mm and fit nicely on the flat part of the head. Cut out the letters carefully with a sharp scalpel. Spray the back of the stencil with a spray adhesive like Spray Mount which will allow you to place the stencil on the broom, spray on the gold paint and remove the paper to reveal a lovely logo. While you're at it, mask off the broom and the bristles so you can spray the "wire" bands gold, remove the bracket and spray that and spray the foot pedals and legs. Once the gold spray is dry and set overnight is best , lacquer all the gold pieces to add protection to the paintwork.

Ensure the lacquer can is warm by keeping it in a warm place or cuddle it for a few minutes, and then shake vigorously. Several light coats every 10 minutes is ideal for an even and hardwearing finish. I used "satin" lacquer on the gold to just knock the sheen off the final colour and give a more antiqued look. Spray the broom stick with a nice gloss lacquer if you didn't used a wood varnish.

Glue the foot pedals onto the legs, screw the legs and bracket back onto the band, and you are finished! Admire your lovely broom and stroke it gently knowing you have crafted it with your own hands from a lump of wood. Additional thoughts: The shape of my broom wasn't quite right in retrospect. The head of the broom should be a bit larger and have a flatter profile, almost coming to a point if seen from above like an oar or paddle.

Easily rectified if I build another one. A rubber pad on the bottom of the broom would have provided some much needed purchase on the floor when you're standing around holding the broom upright. It would also protect the ends of the bristles where it's a bit fragile. Also, don't fall on it. I took it to the Halloween party I had made it for, it was fallen upon, and snapped in half at the bend where the grain is shortest. Solace is taken from the fact that it was the materials that broken, not my crafting. So I have fixed it back together with a steel pin biscuit and some glue.

It was some nice battle damage if nothing else.

result of hard work.

Tip 6 weeks ago on Introduction. Thank you for your great tutorial! I didn't follow it entirely, but you made me believe it was possible! I have just finished mine and I posted an article on my blog; btw I said a word about you :. I am actually gonna make one this weekend if i'm allowed , because at school we are going play qudditch don't judge my spelling , but all I know is its gonna be a blast.

I'm currently in the process of making this, I used a piece of Oregan which my dad had lying around because it was closest to the dimension's a bit thinner and so far its turned out great.

Nimbus 2000

I have used Mahogany wood stain on it and it really does look sexy! I've just put the dowel into the end and now I just need to do the bristles, will post photos once I am done. Can I pay you to make me one?! It's beautiful, seriously! If you could email me at shelbym. I was wondering where you got the nylon rod or if you knew what it is supposed to be used for so i can try to find it myself.

Reply 4 years ago on Introduction. You can get nylon or acetal rod from eBay if you're only buying the short amounts used here. It's an engineering plastic most of its life and is used as stock for lathe turning and machining to make bearings or bushes or rollers or tubes. Places that sell engineering materials like steel bar or hex bar or sheet goods often stock plastics as well. Nylon and acetal are thermoplastics which is the important quality as you want to bend them with heat.

If you can't get the plastic, I did make another one with a steel kickstand welded together that was functionally the same, just much heavier. Reply 4 years ago. Can i pay you to make this for me? Ill even pay for shipping and materials.

Nimbus 2000 - Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

You can email me at moka yahoo. This one is awesome but i honestly dont have the skill to do make one myself :P. Thanks for a great tutorial. I made a Nimbus over the course of a week and was amazed at the result.

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Working from your directions I was able to create a full size template and kickstand blueprint for printing posted to my deviantart page. Though knowing my nimbus was going over a fireplace I skipped the kickstand bit for now.

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And finding the bristles were a bit of a challenge until I ventured into Amish coutry. None the less it was fun and thanks for your insight. By chiok Chiok Li Designs Follow.

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More by the author:. About: Completed a masters in mechanical engineering and then realised I didn't want to be an engineer.

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So I'm a freelance propmaker and costumier for film, theatre and music videos. Occasionally, I need to find Participated in the 4th Epilog Challenge View Contest. Did you make this project?

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