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What motive did Gabby have for killing Emma Barton? Rosie Bentham reveals all. Read more on Thursday's episodes.

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See more on Tuesday's episode. Emmerdale on Twitter Emmerdale on Facebook. See more on Friday's episode. See more on Thursday's 7pm episode. All these people — the rulers, the conquerors, the generals — they were just passing through. The deportation from Rhodes to Auschwitz lasted 14 days, by boat and train. My father was ill the whole time.

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When we arrived at Auschwitz, I never saw him again, or my mother, my cousin, her baby. Dozens, hundreds of people I knew perished. Only of us survived. Did you go home after the war? Not a single one of us returned to live in Rhodes. It was too painful. Time had to pass. For a brief moment I considered living in L. All the Rhodeslis — as the members of the community referred to themselves — lived together, worked together, worshiped together.

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Wherever people from the Juderia went to settle, it was like that. I found it claustrophobic. And then there was Los Angeles itself. You chose New York instead. New York was open to the world of possibility.

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There was — and is — every kind of person here. And she was right. You learned English in night classes at Columbia. You married, had a son, divorced and worked in the garment industry. But you never fulfilled your dream of going to college. Why not? After the camps, I was a different person.

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For years I found it impossible to complete ambitious projects. But I have studied all my life: the history of Rhodes and the Jews, the war, Italian literature, American literature. And every time anyone who had family in the Juderia comes to New York, they visit me and I tell them what I recall, which is a great deal. I remember how people were related, where they lived, what they wore and talked about and ate. Rhodes is as clear to me as if I left it yesterday instead of 75 years ago.

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Limited cookware. No residential parking. This place is not worth the price.

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Furniture was ripped. Floors was cracked up. Bedroom bathroom is small. Pictures wouldn't stay up on the wall. Not enough tissue stocked.

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I would not return to this house. Our air conditioning was blowing hot, Over degrees in the House over our stay the entire time.


I called on Saturday the day after arriving. They sent someone out tuesday morning. Also, the vast majority of the outlets in home don't hold plugs,… Read more.

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