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It was like back home, to the destination for which I had set out. But this feeling ofgetting back home didn't last very long.

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I packed my pictures under my arm and went from one studio to another, but I heard the same old tune, "Come back in ten days" or "There's no work, at all! I said to myself, "You can't even get a few. It was all accomplished as if he hadn't used a drop.

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This was always his finishing touch. The guests started to arrive. There was an extreme coldness about these gatherings to me.

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  6. They were well attended but they seemed to have no substance. They grinned but I couldn't see a smile.

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    Their faces were always hidden with a The guests had all. It was a present of love. Charlie quickly opened the pretty package.

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    He gasped when he saw two original drawings of Ralph's. He fondled the works as if he had never received anything before as precious. He whispered with emotion, "Thank you Ralph. They are exquisite! I'll forever be indebted to you. He became like a happy child who had made a loved one joyous.

    An introduction by Kiernan provides an outline of Hale's life and career. According to Kiernan's introduction, Hale wrote two versions of her autobiography, but Kiernan chose to release the second version which she says was more detailed; Hale herself vetoed publication of the first version as being too one-sided with regards to Chaplin.

    Charlie Chaplin: Intimate Close-Ups

    Kiernan writes that Hale tried to publish the book in the s, but could not find a publisher. The editor notes that in her memoir, Hale refers to Chaplin as two people: Charlie, the man she fell in love with, and "Mr. Chaplin", the sometimes-cruel film giant and director. The book also includes a listing of Hale's film appearances and a small collection of photographs, including behind-the-scenes images from production of The Gold Rush and images of Hale from other film appearances including her screen test for City Lights. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Lanham : Scarecrow Press , and Charlie Chaplin.