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In January, we drafted a proposal and started sending it to the authors and illustrators we had targeted. The response was phenomenal.

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By May , we had contracts signed with more than sixty percent of the contributors, and many of those had sent us their contribution. She asked what we were doing at Just Us Books. I told her about the anthology and she was very excited. After several meetings, we decided a partnership with Crown would enhance the creative potential as well as market penetration. So it took about a year and a half to publish it. How did you come up with this project and how many books do you expect to publish in this series?

WH: Well, I wanted to produce a book that was accessible and engaging, and which provided essential information about each poet. I thought it was important to place each poet in their proper historical time and context. What was happening during their lifetime? What role did the poet play in those events?

Using Afrocentric letters, numbers, and words was a creative way to introduce readers to a diverse group of characters within African American culture. In , you published a revised edition of Black Heroes witha few new entries like former President Barack Obama. Do you anticipate creating more editions? Abrams, , narrated from the perspective of a girl in a wheelchair, and From Where I Stand in the City Marimba, Where did these story ideas come from?

CH: Many of my book ideas come from childhood and family experiences. But my joy in observing the individual features of our baby boy was transformed into a totally different preschool adventure of four children interacting with one another once the illustrator, George Ford, interpreted the manuscript. I wondered what that experience would be like from the point of view of a child. But Eric Velasquez added an even deeper perspective when he illustrated the storyteller in a wheelchair, and his illustrations are brilliant! Making picture books is such a collaborative effort, and the perspective of the illustrator is just as crucial as any wordsmithing of the text.

On your website, you feature a Teacher and Librarian Center full of downloadable resources to accompany your books. What inspired you to create it? WH: Early on we recognized that some parents and educators were having problems getting boys to read. We were also aware of the statistics that show the correlation between the inability to read and school dropout and penal incarceration rates.

At Just Us Books, we have made special efforts to publish books that appeal to boys, especially young Black boys. We are elated when we see boys rush to pick up those books. In addition, I have conducted workshops and done presentations where I share tips and suggestions that can be instrumental in helping boys become readers.

These resources provide teachers and parents with valuable information to help them explore each book. Together we are co-editing another middle-grade anthology. Wade is working on several personal projects, including a memoir. He has just finished a collection of his poems that will be published for the adult market.

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We enjoy interacting with students when we do school visits. We also maintain an active presence on social media and find that we reach an interested audience of adults as well as young people via podcasts, as well as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. WH: We just want to make a difference, not only in publishing but in the lives of children and in our communities. It is not only through our books that we can accomplish that; it is during school visits and speaking engagements to community groups and organizations, and by being advocates for a better world for all of us. Cheryl Willis Hudson and Wade Hudson with a group of students.

Wade Hudson majored in political science at Southern University.

After his involvement in the civil rights movement of the s, he worked as a newspaper reporter, playwright, and public relations specialist. As a publisher, author, and advocate of diversity in literature, Hudson offers a unique perspective to young people and adults during school visits, panels, workshops, and other events. Cheryl Willis Hudson is a graduate of Oberlin College in Ohio, and began her career doing textbook design for publishers such as Houghton Mifflin and Macmillan. Thank you! We've received your request to subscribe to Mackin Community's Monthly Digest!

Afro-Bets Book of Black Heroes from A to Z

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With a degree in elementary education, a career in marketing, and a passion for reading, Amy Meythaler believes promoting a love of good literature is a most rewarding job. Leave a Comment. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Recent Posts. Second Quarter Begins!

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November 20, Our target is nationwide, so we got hooked up with their other regional distributors also. When the Hudsons decided to do a treasury for the whole family, something that parents and children could enjoy together, they had no trouble finding material. In Praise of Our Fathers and Our Mothers brings together 49 works-poems, paintings, interviews, memoirs, and illustrations from various writers and artists-that celebrate the African American family.

Wade told M. We are telling our story about the positive influence that our family has had in our lives. Most parents do the routine and normal things every day. They work and they try to provide their children with the little extras in life. Both Wade and Cheryl Hudson are advocates of diversity in literature. They conduct workshops and make presentations across the country on such topics as publishing multicultural books, marketing black interest books, and curriculum development. This is particularly crucial to the African American community which has been deliberately given negative images of its history and culture.

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I find it rewarding to help reshape and change those negative images to reflect truth. I think the struggle to present the correct images-the truth-is the most crucial one facing us all. Just Us Books, Contributor of poems and illustrations to Ebony Jr! Designer and art director for graphic novels series, Pink Flamingos , Simon and Schuster. Booklist , January 1, , p.

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    Hudson, Cheryl and Wade gale. Founded Publishing Company After their daughter Katura was born, the Hudsons unsuccessfully looked for African American art to adorn the walls of the nursery. Religion; Baptist Author, editor, designer, publisher. Created Best Sellers The Hudsons try to make every book a best seller. I Love My Family , Scholastic, Compiler with wife How Sweet the Sound , Scholastic, With Bernette G. Good Morning Baby , Scholastic, Good Night Baby , Scholastic, Periodicals Baltimore Sun , March 1, , p. Black Enterprise , December , p. Emerge , October , p. Essence , July , p.